Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey all, time for an internship update! I'm working 8 hours a week with a small firm, CanalGRANDE. I'm working with two architects, Jordi and Juan. It's a little frustrating, since all of the documents and most business is done in Catalan, but they're pretty good about explaining stuff to me in Spanish or English. I made a model for them for the first couple of weeks and now have some Sketchup work to do.

Last week we went on a site visit out to an old masía that they're redoing. It's an old house built over a long period of time in a small town about an hour outside of Barcelona. I think the town is Sant Llorenç Savall. They´re working on cleaning it up and doing some demo work right now, the plans for the new stuff is really cool too, I hope I'm here long enough to see some progress in the project.

The first part of the house was a tower collecting toll for the river crossing there in the 13th or 14th century. There have been a bunch of additions since, the latest was in the 1800´s sometime.

There are some more pictures here from before all of the scaffolding was put up and they started cleaning.

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